Anchor Bay provides a full spectrum of business succession planning services. We utilize a hand-picked network of appropriate advisors to complement our services and assist us in getting the entire process handled for you in one stop.

There are many options available and we can help you understand the advantages associated with each one. Our goal is to help simplify this complicated process. We will advise you every step of the way as we help you structure buy-sell agreements and stock options.

Achieve your Goals while minimizing the pitfalls

Successfully transitioning ownership of your business—whether you’re thinking of doing so now or 20 years from now—requires careful planning. It can be tempting to put off a succession plan, especially when you’re busy tackling present-day challenges. Many owners fail to develop a plan for the future, or labor under the misconception that their personal estate plans are enough to cover them. Depending on the life cycle stage of the business, each owner also faces unique personal challenges in maximizing wealth. Plan things right and you can achieve your personal and business goals while minimizing the pitfalls that can occur when businesses are in transition.

This is precisely where we can help: working with you to navigate those challenges and discover new and better opportunities for building your business and personal wealth. We will help you to implement:

  • business financial planning to grow your assets and build the future value of your business.
  • personal financial planning to create sufficient personal liquidity and net worth to fund your lifestyle and tend to your family’s needs and interests.
  • management succession planning to recruit, retain, and train talented individuals to one day manage your company.
  • estate planning to help secure your wealth legacy and proper transfer of your assets, reducing your estate tax burden.
  • ownership transition planning to help you achieve optimal liquidity as a buyer or seller, manage the tax impact, and select and structure an advantageous ownership transition plan.