Client Portals

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Click here to login to your Anchor Bay Capital Investment Portal. Here you can view your investment account balances, performance history, holdings/assets, transaction history and more. You will also find your quarterly performance report statements and any other documents, newsletters and advisor videos placed into your personal folder. And, because it is cloud-based, you have access to all of this information 24/7 from anywhere you choose.

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Click here to login to your Anchor Bay Capital Financial Planning Portal. This is your interactive financial planning tool with your Anchor Bay Capital advisor. Here you can view all of your finances in one place. You can see a consolidated view of your investment and savings accounts at almost any institution along with your spending accounts such as checking and credit cards. You can also view insurance, loans, real estate and more. Through this site, your financial plans are delivered and implemented and you will be able to join screen-sharing sessions to review your plans with your advisor from any location.