When to hire a hire a financial planner?

Most people think a financial planner is only for those with giant salaries and huge financial complexities. But a financial planner can help just about everyone. Because a financial planner is an expert who can create a financial roadmap to help you reach your goals.

That said, there are times in life when you should definitely seek the help of a financial planner. We’ve listed some of those below.

  • You have acquired an inheritance.
  • You’ve had a milestone birthday
  • If you’ve found that you’re not saving as much as you’d like
  • If you’d like to make sure you’re getting all the tax advantages you should
  • If you’re thinking about retiring but not sure if you have enough money
  • If you’re getting close to retirement
  • If you want to know how much money you’ll need in order to allow you to retire
  • If you’re retired
  • If you’ve just got your first job and you need help charting a financial course for your future
  • If you’ve got a raise, promotion or year-end bonus
  • If you’re getting married
  • If you need an estate plan
  • If you buy a house
  • If you start a business

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