Making your money last throughout retirement



Did you know that many people can find themselves retired for almost as many years as they actually work? Ultimately, this means your money has to continue to work just as hard for you after you retire as it did during your working years. In fact, investable assets have to continue to outpace inflation to preserve the buying power of your dollar in retirement. Plus, you have to think about long term care, insurance and tax planning. So, if you’re retired or close to retiring, you need someone to take a good long hard look at your assets and devise a plan that will make sure you can enjoy your entire retirement years in comfort. Call us. We like nothing better than giving our clients and friends peace of mind as they enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Keeping Your Portfolio Intact for the Long Haul

As millions of Americans prepare for their transition into retirement, the number one concern is the fear of outliving their retirement savings. We can help prepare you to be proactive and reduce the risk of prematurely depleting your nest egg.

One of the first factors to consider is that most strategies designed to extend the life of your retirement savings portfolio come with trade-offs. Accordingly, the secret lies in understanding the various options available so that you can identify the strategy that provides the type of trade-offs with which you are most comfortable.

At Anchor Bay we help to create more reliable and durable forms of financial security. We assist in protecting retirees against the risk of underperforming investments, the risk of outliving assets (longevity risk), and the risk of inflation – diminishing purchasing power.

We develop retirement plan solutions for individuals and their family, business, public, private and nonprofit organizations.