A Message from the President: Getting the right combination of tradition and innovation.

January 5th, 2018 by Anchor Bay Capital's Investment Team

As we start 2018, I would like to communicate how honored I am to serve as President of Anchor Bay Capital, Inc.  Whether you work with us directly or you engage with us periodically for advice, I am excited for what we can accomplish together.  In stepping into this new role, I hope to demonstrate that our company has the right combination of tradition and innovation to serve our clients now and in the future. In the paragraphs below, I will outline what you can expect from us throughout this year.  As a company we are here for you.  Our team is sincerely interested in your financial success and we are committed to making 2018 a year of progress toward your most important goals.

Tradition: business as usual.

When Scott asked me to take on the management of the company that he started 25 years ago, we both knew this change would not affect the essential elements of Anchor Bay Capital that make a difference to our clients.  I am committed to maintaining the tradition that makes us unique among the many financial advisors out there.  These are the unchanging values that you will always find in working with us:

  • Personal service: This job will always be about personal connections. We know that you have placed the ultimate trust in us when you rely on our financial guidance.  When you work with us our goal is for you to feel heard, respected, and informed.  Technology continues to create more efficient ways for us to work, but will never replace having someone to share your concerns, questions, or excitement about your money. At Anchor Bay you should always feel like you have a place that feels safe.
  • Work ethic: We don’t take our responsibility lightly. Our team is carefully selected to do the job that you need us to do and we constantly evaluate what can be done better, more competitively and more efficiently.
  • Prudent Investment Management: Our investment style is becoming more and more unique. It is difficult to find financial advisors who will do the research and take the responsibility of managing a portfolio.  Our methods are sound and as Chief Portfolio Manager, Scott Spiering continues to oversee our portfolio decisions.

Innovation: what to expect in 2018.

Communication: We want you to have access to your advisor on your terms. We will have regular scheduled reviews with you periodically throughout the year. However, in addition to personal reviews, we have established two client portals that provide information based on the service level that you desire.  We will be pushing updates to you through these two portals so that you have up to date information at all times.

  • Investment Portal: This website provided detailed information on your Anchor Bay investment account. It provided real-time performance that is measured against a standard benchmark.  You can set up an app on your phone and receive email and text notifications regarding your investment performance.
  • Financial Planning Portal: This website allows you to track your financial goals and see your entire financial picture in one place. Cash, debts, insurance, company retirement, investments, etc. You can track your financial plan progress, view your budget, and collaborate with us.

Monthly Education: Each month you will receive a newsletter from Anchor Bay that provides insight into what we are doing as a firm and the steps that we are taking with your portfolios. In addition to this newsletter, there are a few other ways we will be delivering education that you can take advantage of:

  • Financial Planning Friday: We will be providing education on a weekly basis that revolves around a monthly theme. You can follow the blog on our website to receive this education and also join us monthly for a live online session to go more in depth regarding these themes. Here are the topics that we will be covering:
    • January: Financial Organization
    • February: Taxes and Tax Strategies
    • March: Budget and Cash Flow
    • April: Debt
    • May: College Funding
    • June: Investments
    • July: Estate/Legacy Planning
    • August: Retirement Plans
    • September: Insurance
    • October: Company Benefits
    • November: Gifting/Charity
    • December: End of the year Prep

Regular Education Events: Throughout the year, we will be partnering with other professionals to provide high-level education for you on a variety of topics. The content of these events will be made available to all of our clients to take part in at your own convenience.

Service for the next generation: We will be introducing some additional services this year that are tailored to the younger generation of investors. With low minimums, high levels of technology, and a goals-based approach, this will be a great opportunity for us to connect with children and grandchildren of some of our seasoned investors.

Thank you for choosing Anchor Bay Capital!  Here’s to a great year together!