Education Event: Social Security

How Will Social Security Be There Through Your Life’s Journey?

We will be holding an education event at 12pm on October 24th at The Crossings in Carlsbad. This event features a guest speaker from the Social Security Administration.  

When it comes to Social Security, here is some key info to know:

Your Full Retirement Age is the age that you receive your full benefit, however this is not your maximum benefit.  Your Full Retirement Age is based on the year that you were born.


If you take your benefits before your Full Retirement Age, you will receive a permanently reduced benefit.  Likewise, you may delay your benefit until age 70 to receive the maximum amount.  Below is an example of how benefits would be reduced for someone with a Full Retirement Age of 66.


There is a lot to understand about Social Security.  We look forward to discussing your questions and we hope to see you at the education event in October.