May Newsletter

May 4th, 2018 by Anchor Bay Capital's Investment Team

It’s May which means most of us are busy with Spring cleaning projects or end of the school year activities.  It is definitely a busy time of the year and it is no different here at Anchor Bay.  This month there are several items that we want you to be aware of.  Please read on to get up to date on some resources that may be of help to you.

Summer is around the corner which means we will soon be approaching the mid-year mark in the stock market.  We have seen some interesting occurrences in the market this year, so be sure to read Tanner Wrisley’s commentary to gain some insight into stocks and the economy. Here’s the link to his most recent post:

Now is a good time to review your 2017 tax results and implement any financial planning strategies to become more tax efficient for this year.  If you would like to review your 2017 taxes with us, please contact our office to schedule a meeting.

This month we launched a new eBook called 5 Keys to the New Retirement.  If you are approaching your retirement years and you would like a guidebook to help you get started with planning, definitely click on the link below to download your copy.  We will be discussing several of the premises in this book on our blog over the next few months and we are always available to provide specific guidance.  If you like the reading, make sure to pass the link along to someone who might benefit from it!

No matter what stage of life you are in, managing debt can be a challenge.  As consumers we are constantly bombarded with new expenses and easy ways to pay for them.  Before we know it, our balance sheet can end up lopsided in the wrong direction and our monthly costs can be difficult to maintain.  Each month we make a weekly blog post that targets a certain topic and this month we will be discussing strategies to manage debt.  This is such a broad topic, but mastering some fundamental approaches to debt can have an important impact on your current finances and help you make smart decisions in the future.  Here’s the link to our most recent post:

Did you know that we have several ways that our clients can access important information regarding their accounts?  We have tailored our online client access to provide resources for you, depending on what life stage you are in and what type of service suits you the most.  Your client login is where you can access quarterly performance reports, check balances and benchmarks and even track your spending and budgets.  Click on the link to view our client login options and the descriptions of each portal so that you see which login suits you the best.

eMoney is planning to release an update to the mobile version of your Personal Financial Management site on May 15. The current mobile experience provides a high-level view of your finances, Vault, and contacts. To access additional features, you’re required to select “go to desktop site”. With the new mobile experience, you’ll not only receive a visual update, you’ll also have seamless access to previously unavailable features on the mobile version, like the Organizer, Goals and Reports. This update offers a consistent and unified mobile experience across all your devices.

If you have any questions about this update, don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a wonderful and productive May!